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Private lessons for you, your group, or your team.

At Darrah’s All-Star Academy, we champion private baseball and softball lessons as the pinnacle of personalized sports development. Unlike group classes, private coaching is uniquely structured around the individual or group, addressing specific skills and techniques that need fine-tuning. This dedicated interaction ensures no player is overlooked, and every minute is spent productively, fostering rapid improvement. It’s about quality over quantity, where customized training plans replace standard group drills, propelling each player and team toward their personal best.

What we work on.

Private baseball and softball lessons offer intensive, personalized training, honing specific skills like batting, pitching, fielding, and base running. Athletes benefit from tailored guidance, ensuring comprehensive improvement within a condensed timeframe. This focused approach cultivates stronger, more adaptable players, ready to excel in every aspect of the game.

Individual lesson fees.

  • 1 private lesson is $75
  • 3 private lessons are $200
  • 5 private lessons are $300
  • 10 private lessons are $500

Group lesson fees.

  • Group lessons are $150-$250/hour
  • Call for exact pricing

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